Art Classes - Terms and Conditions

By enrolling yourself or your child/ren into one of our classes you agree to the following terms.

We reserve the right to amend these terms at any time.


Art Classes.

Places in these classes are only confirmed upon full and upfront payment of the term fees. Towards the end of each term, you will receive notification via email to enrol for the following term. You or your child’s place in the following term will only be confirmed upon full and upfront payment of the next term’s fees.

Current students will be given priority for the next Term’s classes. After a certain time frame has elapsed, classes will then open up for the general public.

Class sizes are strictly limited and we are unable to reserve places.

Any student who has not enrolled and payed the Terms fees in full will be unable to attend the classes.

Special workshops/Holiday programs

Enrolment and full payment is required to secure a place in these workshops. Fees will vary and are non-refundable, except in the instance that the workshop is required to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.


Sunshine Coast Art & Imagination School is a shared space and we expect students to respect fellow artists, artwork and property. Discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age, race sex, gender, sexuality, marital status, physical or intellectual disability, or religion will not be tolerated. Students deemed to be exhibiting inappropriate or disruptive behaviour may be removed, suspended or expelled from the class. It should also be noted that cleaning of your art class space and common areas is a shared responsibility.

Positive attitudes help keep our classes fun…

Respect yourself and the Art School staff.

Be kind.

Follow the instructions of the staff to keep yourself and others safe.

Be respectful of other students and their work.

Be respectful of the art supplies.

Help to clean up.

Don’t be afraid to try new things, that’s how we all learn!

Enjoy yourself and being a part of this creative community.

We reserve the right to terminate an enrolment if there is an ongoing issue that has not been solved through communication.


Current fees are outlined on our website. These term fees are based on the number of weeks in a school term. (usually there are 10). Mid term enrolments are available and are calculated at the number of weeks remaining in the school term.

Payment of class fees is to be made online or at our art shop depending upon availability. 

Workshop fees will also vary depending on the type of workshop and the duration.


Sunshine Coast Art & Imagination School reserves the right to amend any class, tutor or schedule. In such circumstances, we will endeavour to provide a substitute of equal standing. Should a class have to be cancelled due to insufficient enrolments, any student enrolled in that class will be contacted and an alternative class, credit or refund arranged.


Please consider your class booking carefully before you enrol, as we do not offer refunds. (Unless in special cases there are circumstances that warrant a refund. Eg sickness etc. This decision will be made at our discretion). A Terms classes cannot be deferred to another Term. 

Transfers are available in some classes provided there is availability.

In the event you cannot attend a workshop you may send someone else in your place. Notification must be received prior to the class. 


We encourage all students to bring their water bottles for use during class. Please ensure that they are named. We will provide some snacks. BYO food is permitted.

Students should arrive for their class within and no earlier than 10 minutes of the scheduled start time. Students are required to sign in and fill in a name tag. Parents of Primary School Classes are required to sign their child in and out of the class. The responsibility of your child remains with you until the class has started.

Pick up is required within 5 minutes of the class finish time. Children who are not picked up will be asked to remain in the waiting area for their guardian. If you are arranging for someone other than yourself to pick up your child please notify Sunshine Coast Art & Imagination School at the beginning of the class. Please reiterate to your child that they must remain on the Art School property until their guardian has picked them up. 


If you/your child are unable to attend a class, please notify us via text or email as soon as possible.

If your child has been too unwell to attend school, they should not attend art class. We appreciate this courtesy to avoid the spread of illness to other students and staff. 

Make up classes are available (during the same school term only) subject to availability. You must make contact with Sunshine Coast Art & Imagination School to discuss availabilities via txt message. 


All supplies are included in the tuition fee. Any additional supplies individual students want may be purchased at our store.


There is no dress code however we do recommend that all students ‘dress for mess’. We cannot be held responsible for any clothing that gets damaged during art classes. You / your child will feel more relaxed to explore and create if you / they are not concerned with worry over messy clothes.

We recommend school students bring a change of clothes and don’t wear their school uniform.


From time to time we take photos during class of students and artworks. These photos are used for Sunshine Coast Art & Imagination School’s promotional purposes such as press advertising, brochures, social media, editorials and website. These photos will never be sold and will be used exclusively by and for Sunshine Coast Art & Imagination School. As a Condition of Enrolment your consent is implied. Should you not wish for us to take and use photos of you, your child or your artwork please notify us in writing.


We cannot be held responsible for any personal property you or your child brings onto the premises, and we cannot be liable for any loss or damage to such property. For this reason, we recommend that students do not bring any valuables/precious items to class.


We will endeavour to have all artwork returned to students as soon as possible and encourage students to take their work home each week. Due to storage restrictions we cannot keep any unclaimed artwork after the end of term.


Please advise us of any requirement that you/your child has in regards to allergies/medications. In case of emergency, please ensure that the phone number you provide is available for contact for the duration of the class.

If you have any other requirements that may assist us in teaching you, please feel free to advise us prior to the start of class.


Gift vouchers purchased through our art shop are single use and have an expiry date of 12 months from the date of issue. Gift vouchers are not transferable for cash and once issued cannot be refunded. Gift vouchers may be used towards class fees/holiday workshops or art supplies.


Any discounts offered by Sunshine Coast Art & Imagination School are subject to availability and may have individual terms and conditions applied.


Upon payment of our fees, these terms, as amended from time to time, shall represent the entirety of the agreement between you and us, and any changes must be agreed to in writing.

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