Jess Le Clerc Fine Art

Jess is the principal & founder of Art School Co. and is recognised as an Associate Living Master by the Art Renewal Center.


For 26 years, Jess has dedicated herself to teaching art while also gaining recognition for her personal practice as a finalist in various art competitions. These include the Archibald Prize, the Shirley Hannan Art Award, the Lester Prize, the Brisbane Portrait Prize, the Percivals and the International ARC Salon Competition.

Living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia, Jess is married to Dylan, and is Mum to Toby, Jewel, Summer & Eden.

Online Oil Painting Masterclass

Print Releases

Offering limited edition archival prints on Ilford Galerie Prestige Textured 100% Cotton Rag. Jess works with one of the best fine art printers in the Australia to reproduce the colour, vibrancy, and textures found in her original work.

4 Day Oil Painting Workshop

In this comprehensive in-person 28 hour oil painting workshop, participants will learn techniques and expertise developed by Jess, as an emerging Australian portrait painter and educator/teacher.

Over the course of four days, students will create a portrait painting from a photograph. Each day, Jess will provide live demonstrations, detailed step-by-step guidance and offer personalised instruction to each student.

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