Jess Le Clerc Fine Art

A little about me...

I  was not born a great painter. The skill of art was something that was taught to me and honed through practice. I think this makes me qualified to teach you as my own experience as a student enabled me to articulate the journey of learning to paint to others.

Although I work primarily in oil painting, I would describe myself as a multidisciplinary Artist. I enjoy every medium as long as a story is being told. This has led to a lot of practice in most drawing and painting mediums over the years.

I have been teaching art for 26 years, since I was 17 and it will always be one of my greatest passions.

In my personal practice, I hold the philosophy that every artwork I create matters and I try to approach every piece  as though I am a beginner myself. This helps me stay in the mindset of learning and helps me be respectful to the work that goes into practising art.

My goal as an artist is to continue to make art that reminds people that they are brilliant, beautiful vibrant beings and that they have got all of the love and acceptance they need. Now, whether a painting alone can achieve this I am not certain. However, I do believe imagery is a language that skips straight to our neural pathways and has the power to change the way we think.

I currently live on the Sunshine coast Australia, I’ve been married for 22 years and have 4 children.

Toby 18, Jewel 17, Summer 14 & Eden 12.