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Online Oil Painting Masterclass

With Jess Le Clerc

“This masterclass was created to teach you the things I wish someone taught me when I started out. It gives you the tools and methods required to develop a forever skill and long-lasting relationship with painting. “ – Jess

Participants will learn how to paint through three fundamental modes; perspective, value, and colour temperature.

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Currently running Australia’s largest private art school with over 650 weekly students, Jess has established herself not only as a professional art teacher with over 26 years experience, but as an award winning artist in her own right. This combination of both practicing artist & teacher is what sets Jess and her workshop apart.

Having also attended in-person workshops around the world by other industry professionals including Casey Baugh, David Kassan, Shana Levenson, Robin Eley and many more excellent art educators, she continues to curiously search for language and understanding to share with others. She believes that art making is a skill and expression that should be made available to everyone.

"My goal in this masterclass is to teach you how to stay motivated, how to practise and how to produce work uniquely your own."

MasterClass Learning Outcomes:

  • Strengthening your skills of observation
  • How to build the skill of drawing & why you need it for painting
  • Colour Mixing
  • Functionality of Oil Painting
  • Designing an artwork/composition, mark making & colour palette decisions
  • Technical Application of Oil Paint & Brush Control 
  • How to choose & edit photos to use as reference in painting
  • What supplies to use to create high quality paintings
  • Using a limited palette

Masterclass Contents:

Chapter 1: Why are you here?

Chapter 2: Drawing –  Perspective & Tone

Chapter 3: Colour Mixing

Chapter 4: Functionality of Oil Painting 

Chapter 5: Mark Making 

Chapter 6: Design 

Chapter 7: Demonstration of the Portrait 

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Jess’ Masterclass is currently in post-production and will launch late 2023 / early 2024…

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