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'Awe' Print Collection

Dropping Monday 11th Dec

Printed using archival inks on Ilford Galerie Prestige Textured 100% Cotton Rag. 

This new body of work I’ve been pouring my love into for the last little while is about changing our view.

I’ve used my paint to sculpt impossibly beautiful moments in nature. They’re vast, expansive landscapes with a figure standing in wonder/AWE. I painted these works for me as much for you, to serve as visual reminder that AWE is a way of living. 

Print Releases

 Limited Edition of 30 of each print.

Prints will include a printed & signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Printed using archival inks on Ilford Galerie Fine Art Textured Silk 270gsm.

Available in 2 Sizes:

A1 (59.4cm x 84.1cm)
Original Painting Size 33x34in (86.36cm x 111.6cm)



‘Witness’ Dawn has always been a symbol of new beginning, the constant  rhythm of the new day, JUST IS.

No matter where I find myself, if I wait, day will break. There aren’t  many absolute truths out there, but dawn is one of them, and it will surely come.

AND I am here to witness it.

Sometimes it’ll come softly and slowly, that tip toeing in of new day, the colour soft, the sky serene.

Other days it feels like the sky is tearing open to break. This painting needed to blaze, to be filled with the Awe of a new day. To remind me that I am here, but I am not all there is.

I am a witness to the tempo of the sky, its soundless song is one I’ve always known. Every wash of colour and light is singular, it happens just this once. We speak so much of being present, the sky is its perfect definition.

And I am here to witness it.




There is no way for us you know how deep something is until the light shows us. Both light dark must be present for any depth to exist.

There’s been some moments, some big stretches of time that I felt pretty bland. I couldn’t muster interest in much. I’ve heard it being described as feeling like you’re under water and it’s so true. I’d move through the world like a normal person, but I was just moving while inside I felt numb. But little by little I found pockets of light to bring back into my life. I walked towards things that woke me up, but I never ignored the pain I’d been in. I tried to hold space for both. I didn’t just all of the sudden feel better. I simply learned to let light in while the shadows still remained.

Since then I am no longer scared of the shadows in other people. I seek those who to have had some deep shadows to contend with.

I think it really began to change once I stopped waiting for the darkness to leave. I learnt to laugh and play whilst leaving room for the darkness too. I didn’t try to get over it all, I became something else, I let it all in and I like this version of myself much better.

When I first imagined painting this artwork, I was so focused on that light pouring onto the banksia, but as I painted those shadows, I placed the subtle colours in there and kept thinking, I like the feeling of the shadows as much as the light.

Those depths have some much love in them. Because grief is only love that has no place to go.




‘So while our art cannot, as we wish it could, save us from wars, privation, envy, greed, old age or death, it can revitalise us amidst it all.’ Ray Bradbury.

Two figures stand in front of an impossibly beautiful cumulus cloud, lit by the opposing dawn. The moon is still high in the sky, it’s that brilliant moment that happens barely and for just a moment. As the sun rises it lights up the clouds so brilliantly as long as the night is clear and slow to leave. This painting is the dance between the two, the day and the night, I liked the idea of two women to symbolise the two opposing skies existing together.




This is the first painting I began in the AWE series. Telling this story is where it all began.

In this painting it’s late afternoon on the farm and I can’t find Dad, I need to ask him something important. I run around the property searching for him, and there he is, cutting dry wood by an old gnarly gum tree, happy as a person can be.

The afternoon light is hanging out with its favourite farmer and he has positioned himself right in its prettiest spot.

That’s how I remember finding Dad, he introduced me to art in his own way. He taught me how to slow down and notice the trees, the direction of the wind, how it shifts morning and evening. He said ‘look’ more than any other word to me. I found my fascination for life in his direction. I am often asked where my art came from, I attribute so much of my love for creativity to my Dad and his farm, he showed me the wonder in every chance he got.

Creativity in the end is being awake to wonder, it’s paying attention.

If I was to explain a place that makes me feel home, safe, free, it’s here looking for Dad.

Royal Blue


Printed using archival inks on Ilford Galerie Prestige Textured 100% Cotton Rag.

Size: A1 (594 x 841mm)

“The solitude of stone & water. I am home when I am alone. I am home when I am in the shadows. I am home in the light. Home in the spaces left alone.

Royal Blue speaks to the places where they both exist. The story of life, the dark and the light and the beauty of them together.”

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