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Printed using archival inks on Ilford Galerie Fine Art Textured Silk 270gsm.

Available in 2 Sizes:

  • A1 (59.4cm x 84.1cm)
  • Original Painting Size 33x34in (86.36cm x 111.6cm)

A digital Certificate of Authentication will be available after purchase to view and download.

Our Promise to you

Fine Art Reproduction by Jess Le Clerc. Hand signed and with certificate of authenticity.

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This is the first painting I began in the AWE series. Telling this story is where it all began.

In this painting it’s late afternoon on the farm and I can’t find Dad, I need to ask him something important. I run around the property searching for him, and there he is, cutting dry wood by an old gnarly gum tree, happy as a person can be.

The afternoon light is hanging out with its favourite farmer and he has positioned himself right in its prettiest spot.

That’s how I remember finding Dad, he introduced me to art in his own way. He taught me how to slow down and notice the trees, the direction of the wind, how it shifts morning and evening. He said ‘look’ more than any other word to me. I found my fascination for life in his direction. I am often asked where my art came from, I attribute so much of my love for creativity to my Dad and his farm, he showed me the wonder in every chance he got.

Creativity in the end is being awake to wonder, it’s paying attention.

If I was to explain a place that makes me feel home, safe, free, it’s here looking for Dad.