Jess Le Clerc Fine Art

4 Day In-Person Oil Painting Masterclass (Portrait)

Masterclass Information

Currently running Australia’s largest private art school with over 650 weekly students, Jess has established herself not only as a professional art teacher with over 25 years experience, but as an award winning artist in her own right. This combination of both practicing artist & teacher is what sets Jess and her masterclass apart.

Having also attended in-person workshops globally, led by renowned artists like Casey Baugh, David Kassan, Shana Levenson, and Robin Eley, Jess incorporates the valuable insights and techniques learnt from these artists.

Students will learn how to paint with three modes; value, temperature and perspective.

In this comprehensive 28-hour oil painting masterclass, students will delve into techniques and expertise Jess has gathered an emerging Australian portrait painter and teacher.

Over the course of four days, students will create a portrait painting from a photograph. Each day, Jess will provide live demonstrations, detailed step-by-step guidance and offer personalised instruction to every student.

Jess will cover design and composition,  foundational drawing, underpainting, colour theory and how students can apply their own style to their work.

Jess works with students to develop a personalized painting approach that enhances efficiency and self-expression in their work.

Students will not rely on projection or tracing for portraits; instead, Jess will teach her proven method of achieving perspective through manual sketching observational skills.

Students will be working from an image especially curated by Jess & a professional photographer for the workshop & teaching. Students will receive the full rights to these photographs.

Whilst this masterclass is suited for all levels of artists, it is required that students have had some experience with using oils before enroling.

Upcoming Dates, Location & Schedule:

Limited To 20 Students ~ Jess' Masterclass does sell out.

January 11th – 14th 2024

Art School Co. – 32 Wises Rd, Buderim QLD

Day 1 – Oil Painting Masterclass & Demo Begins

Day 2 – Design & Drawing of artwork & Underpainting

Day 3 – The beautiful triangle

Day 4 – Final Painting 

9.30am – 4.30pm Daily

What You'll Need:

Below is a list of materials that Jess will be using.
It’s recommended that students bring the same or similar quality supplies.


Option 1: Byo Supplies

If you are a painter you may have most of the required supplies, so check the list below for what Jess recommends and bring your own.

If BYO supplies, similar quality paint brands and brush sizes can be used also…

Eg Winsor & Newton / Schmincke / Art Spectrum / Michael Harding / Sennelier / Rosemary Co. etc. Please don’t cut corners with cheap supplies!

Option 2: Rent Supplies From Us

We will be offering a paint supply rental program for those who don’t want to buy or bring their paints. For $100 you can use all of the paint, medium and brushes you’ll need for the 4 day program. This option is great for students traveling interstate.

Option 3: Buy Supplies From Us

Students can pre-purchase all supplies needed for the masterclass at a 20% discount through Art Store Co.
This includes Jess’ 10 colour palette and 6 brushes. Choose this option at checkout and we will have your supplies waiting for you upon arrival.

Once enrolled we will send all students additional info closer to date.

Paints & Brushes Needed:

  • WN Artist Cobalt Blue
  • WN Artist French Ultramarine
  • Schmincke Norma Transparent Red Brown
  • WN Artist Permanent Alizarin Crimson
  • WN Artist Cadmium Red
  • WN Artist Cadmium Yellow Pale
  • WN Artist Yellow Ochre Light
  • WN Artist Naples Yellow Light
  • WN Artist Titanium White
  • WN Artist Cadmium Orange
  • Schmincke Norma Royal Blue
  • Neef Indian Sable Round #4
  • Neef Indian Sable Bright #6
  • Neef Indian Sable Filbert #4
  • Neef Smooshing #4
  • Neef Smooshing #8
  • Neef Hog Bright #5

Others Supplies Needed:

  • Jess will supply the canvas.
  • All students will receive a free glass palette and a bottle of Jess’ paint medium, ‘Moonshine’ to utilise and take home.
  • Optional extras include: notebook for note taking, palette knives, paint rags, etc.
  • Easels, table, chairs etc all provided
  • If you are able please BYO brush cleaning containers & solvent/cleaning products (e.g. odourless solvent, brush soap, cleaning oils) NO TURPENTINE PLEASE.